Five Simple Low Cost Ways To Step Up Your Marketing Presence With Custom Shoelaces


Have you ever considered marketing with custom shoelaces? Whether you’re promoting a charitable organization an athletic team, a school or your business, promotional laces get your logo seen with every step. It is a low cost stategy that will give your message exposure.

Here are some ways to weave promo shoelaces into your campaigns:

1. Fundraising.

Pins and pens have been done and re-done. Be different by selling promotional shoelaces to raise funds for a school, sports team or cause. If people care about your initiative, they’ll want to show support. While other fundraisers methods are short lived brand exposures, Shoelaces are made to last and it is there as a reminder. Shoelaces and other promotional apparel, are great promos for fundraising events.

2. Wellness events.

We’re not just talking about fun runs or marathons (although those are great opportunities). Custom shoelaces are great giveaways for corporate wellness initiatives, weight-loss clinics and group exercise events. If people are lacing up their sneaks to hit the pavement, you should be there with promo laces to show your brand’s support.

3. Tradeshow giveaways.

You don’t have to be exhibiting at a fitness convention to hand out custom shoelaces. They’re a unique, useful giveaway that can be easily transported back home (nobody needs extra bulk at a tradeshow or conference). 

4. Grand openings.

Branded shoelaces are a great way to show that your company is present and motivated in moving forward. Hand them out at grand openings as tangible reminders of the big event.

5. Packaging.

Put a creative spin when you sell a products by using custom laces in the packaging. They’re meant to be tied, so use them in place of ribbons for a unique presentation with your brand. You can also package laces with another item, such as T shitrs or shoes, or add them with a sports item for a combo giveaway.


Though you may not have considered marketing with them, custom shoelaces are one of the most visible, versatile promotional tools. They work with uniforms, athletic shoes, construction boots and even roller skates and ice skates.

Give them out; walk away with some great brand exposure.